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Fitness Friday: V-Mode

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After this Super Bowl Week’s YOLOs and spirits, it’s time to prep for ♥V-Day♥

Therefore, today, this DISPO has gone Beast Mode for V-Mode on this ♥Sweetheart♥ Ball Eve!

As tomorrow’s dinner approaches, I’ve been working out to my fave fitness gurus in their special dance dress moves:

Total Bod

{More from Cassey Ho below}

Target Areas


What about *Dallas Cowboys’ WR Dez Bryant’s* hard core abs?

My reward after these routines: my homemade ice cream!

  • Bananas for Potassium

I’m going berry bananas over my homemade Cookie Butter ice cream!

  • Blueberries for Memory

C & B are for … Cape Cod cranberries + blueberries & Crunchy Cookie Butter w/ B-A-N-A-N-A-S {chant from No Doubt‘s ♫Hollaback♪}

  • Cranberries for Urinary Tract (YES, after drinking tons of water, it helps!)

Super Spoonful coming right up!

    • Crunchy Cookie Butter for Taste & Texture


Workout Wednesday: 1K Day Debut

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In this edition of Dub-Dub-Dub (as in Double WW for Workout Wednesday)…

I’ll start this 1K series: sets of 1,000 reps that target major muscle groups! It can help if you hit a plateau and need a pick-me-up to boost your routine! If you can do this many in one sitting, then you’ll be able to do smaller sets, as long as you set aside time!

The first one is for legs. I did 1,000 squats 10 days ago. YES, 1K in one day (actually, they lasted me 1/2 an hour)!

Here’s how I did them:

* I mixed up the stances to maintain momentum (i.e., hip/shoulder-width, wide, narrow, sumo, plié)

* I added arms to also tone up my upper bod 💪

* I stayed soft on my knees & never locked them out

… & I finished strong!


Reminder: Please stretch before and after.

Disclaimer: Plus, be prepared to be sore if you haven’t worked these muscles in awhile!

Next up: 1K Arms then one more for Core!