De-Stress Saturday: Pack Rat Combat

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Clearing clutter continues …


I have enough space to strut on the cat walk again!

Last weekend, staying home snowed in did wonders!

  1. worked on my study more than I’ve been able to lately
  2. I spent some much-needed time on minimizing my mess

I color-coordinate my zebra print & pink desk accessories + I have my hand sanitizer & Mary Kay SatinHands travel-size lotion within my fingertips!

As a matter of fact, I went through 6 total paper bags

  • 3 worth of shredding
  • 3 worth of recycling

Fun stroll down memory lane, but holding onto these agendas from 2 decades ago isn’t necessary

The main organization guru who I follow, Alejandra, gave me some food for thought from her own recent decluttering experience [paraphrased]:

Some things serve as momentos, but getting rid of them doesn’t take away our past.


Now I put these Hello Kitty & Keroppi Sanrio stationery to paper ~ literally!

For instance, I kept everything from elementary school through graduate school (countless years of education) ~ so after hearing her lesson, I realized that I still have my diploma and degrees regardless of not saving each single piece of work.


Ms. Excited Elaine can use these “E” cards for my †R.E. students† whose birthdays are in the ♣spring♣ & ☼summer☼!

Also, I was able to find stuff of which I still could make good use, in particular stationery and teaching supplies!


My *STC SIFE* (right) & TSTC post-it pads come in handy!

Fortunately, I still had dynamite diversions:

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