Thirsty Thursday: Evangelism

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🎈🎁 ¡Feliz 🎂Cumpleaños🍰 a mi querida Evie mañana! 🎊🎉

Aside from calling my co-minister, co-teacher and faithful friend in ☝️Christ, “Ms. Easygoing Evie” in R.E., I also refer to her as a EV for Evie the Evangelist.

I believe that she, her mother Maggie and Maggie’s Bestie Mary Ellen may practice all 4 signs of Dynamic Catholic, with the 4th being Evangelism. To me, I practice the first three:

  1. Prayer 🙏
  2. Study 📚
  3. Generosity 💸

Now I pursue to improve on my evangelistic efforts: to draw others to the faith.

Saint Pope JP2

😇Saint Pope John Paul II‘s (who would’ve turned 95 in four days) strength in his convictions opened up countless many Catholics’ minds💡 & hearts💖 to come back [†cross† from 🌴Brownsville Cathedral].

How do we bring people to our beautiful 💒Church?

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa restored faith in the poor and meek by helping and healing impoverished communities. This special Time issue dedicated to her was introduced by Rick Warren, who wrote The Purpose Driven Life.

Mary Ellen invites anybody and everybody to our Church and in fact influenced Evie’s family to return. Evie encourages others as well, and her approach is gentle in which those who come don’t feel forced or imposed. When we motivate someone, we want to empower👊 them, that they’re doing this on their own free will because our Christian convictions are deeply rooted on:


Virgin Mary

Our Blessed Mother the most Generous Mother & Ultiimate Evangelist: our last lesson for R.E., including the Virgin’s apparitions

Speaking of choice, I advocate LIFE and commend those who assume the Pro-LIFE position by choosing to accept the will of GOD.

Prince of Peace

Pro-LIFE: There shouldn’t be any other way.


  • Kelly, M. (2012). The four signs of a Dynamic Catholic: How engaging 1% of Catholics could change the world. Cincinnati, OH: Beacon.

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